Monday, January 9, 2012

My lover

| Monday, January 9, 2012 |

So green,
It seems like these fading dreams!
The silk curtains fall
The breeze begins to blow
ruffling a pool of spring water below.
Crushing apricot petals in hand i play
with a pair of love birds on the fragrant pathway.
Apricot blossoms blown off upon my long curly hair,
Look! There he stands behind the curtain play!

Is he the noble young man that i long to be his wife?

How handsome he is, my lover!
Oh, how charming he is among the young men.
His lips are like roses
his body are like polished bronzes
his mouth are sweetness itself.
I delight to sit in his shade,
to tell him the story of the last decade:
"I follow thee in dreams unwoken
none knows how happy I am,
but the birds in the sky
Let us get drunk tonight and drown our sorrow
in front of the wine jar do not talk of tomorrow