Monday, January 9, 2012

On a spring day

| Monday, January 9, 2012 |

On the pathway,
bright flowers bathed in thin mist and dim moonlight.
Tis best time to steal out to see my love to night!
Waiting for him alone, among the flowers from the pot of wine
I drink alone beneath the bright moonshine.
I raise my cup to invite the moon
who blends her light with my shadow gloom.
I gaze upon the moon,

too sad to fall asleep
then ...

from the wood i see him coming!
We stand face to face at an evening hour
"I fear it is not thee,
but a sweet dream untrue !" I say.
"I am afraid all the fine scenery
will go away with thee.
I 've just seen spring depart
and now with you I'll part !" he says.
Suddenly i wake up and see that
all was just a dream,
that a young man dreamed of me on a spring day.